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YOUR DADDY LET YOU DATE?: I have been blessed with a home,an iphone, a chance for an education,...


I have been blessed with a home,an iphone, a chance for an education, food, water, and the financial stability that a white, middle class family has to offer in the bustling city of San Francisco. And I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities and gifts given to me. But sometimes I long for…

His cute face. {:
His flawless tattoo.
Mac’s triangle. Made of that weed smoke.
Just a side view of him, but it makes me melt! {:

ATTENTION: SUICIDE ALERT: Computer savvy people, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW. I need your help.



Tumblr user welcometothenigparade posted a suicide note on her page about 20 minutes ago. If we act fast, we still have time.

I know it’s possible to track someone’s IP address through their posts. I don’t know how myself. I’ll try and find a way to do this, but it would be much faster if we can get someone who already knows how on this. We need to track her and alert the police in her area fast.

Please, we can save a life here. Please help Ash.


This is just the cutest thing ever! I’m so jelly of Nomi, she has a great guy.
Even like this, Mac is the hottest guy ever.

ohhmahgooodness i love this movie